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We enable people to do business by planning, supplying, integrating, efficient and fully-integrated systems built for reliability. We make our services work through partnership, knowledge and passion: trusted to run our services for leading business across Nation.


Berns takes pride in its greatest asset, its people. We rely on highly qualified personnel, who are capable of delivering project results beyond expectations. Therefore, our people are continuously given the opportunity to participate in professionally challenging work activities, making a positive impact on career growth and expertise within the organization.

Our team of experienced senior specialists has worked in the EPC & IT business for decades putting their expertise into practice in major global projects.

This is the reason why a person-centered approach to competency development, aligned to our business mission, vision and strategic objectives is definitely the best way to ensure the proper employment of people’s knowledge and a pertinent career development leading to a real sense of belonging, which is a major differentiating factor of our organization.